Tuesday , June 28 2022

I like to get into the reality of other lives


"There are as many characters as the world's people," said Andrea Frigerio, who plays Argentinian-Paraguayan co-production "Leal," an action film about drug trafficking that has recently taken place in Buenos Aires. In a dialogue with Telam, Frigerio recounted how it was to work for the first time on the film with his daughter and to show his lead role in a television of that time, which will be the new Polka for 2019 .

For the actress, "Leal" is a picture of a climate of the era, everything in the Triple Frontier, I do not know to what extent is fiction, "a detail about this production that is inspired by real events.

The film directed by Paraguayans Pietro Scappini and Rodrigo Salomón, with the screenplay of Argentinean Andrés Gelós, refers to the history of a commando group fighting drug trafficking and proposes a plot that combines elements of drama, organized crime and humorous moments.

With regard to the Polka's proposal for next year, which was part of multi-award-winning films such as "The Illustrious Citizen" and "Red," he revealed that he will play in a time of super- production for television, with a daily film strip and cinema aesthetics.

"I'll head for a band next to Fernán Mirás, China Suárez, Benjamín Vicuña, Virginia Innocenti and Gonzalo Heredia." Complot takes place in 1930, with immigrants, with brothel stories and I will be the lady of one, "the actress said.

"Although I had to offer a band again and it is very tiring, in this case I was very tempted by the story and the character," confessed the conductor who plays in the play "Perfect Corpses" at Buenos Aires Multiteatro, member of another television production, but from Telefe, called "Campanas en la noche". Undoubtedly, a year of success for Frigerio.

How do you define Angeles, your character in the movie?

– There are many women like this nowadays and in sight. Many are married to men who do dirty business or have false relationships and do not seem to handle them, they are accomplices. My grandmother told me when I was a girl: "Two sleeping in the same mattress are in the same opinion," then I think there are many Angels who take advantage of the economic situation without asking or knowing too much, because if they know have the decision not to fall into complicity is left without too many prerogatives and losing a luxurious lifestyle. For convenience, they can betray their own values, there are women who prefer to have their Vuitton wallet and their travels to Europe have to make sure their husband is corrupted.

– How was the experience of working with your daughter?

– I was offered this proposal to both myself and Fini -Josefina Bocchino, to make my daughter's character in fiction and we found it fun to do it together. The first thing I said when I started the trip was that "from now on we are colleagues and there is a director and a team to address." I wanted to make it clear that I would not be his coach. Of course, outside the set we are mother and daughter and I ate, we bought clothes and went together.

-What do you need to live as an actress?

Everything. There are so many characters in the world. I like to get into the reality of other lives. In no other profession you can not be another. They inspire such different and so opposite realities to theirs. Maybe I'd like to get a movie. I would like to work in Europe, all my incursions to international festivals and the awards have already opened a way. Working in France, since I speak French or Spain, it would be something that I would like to be concrete about.

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