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"I'm not a social media phenomenon" DiarioShow



If they thought fame Stephanie Demner It is a direct consequence of the explosion of the network, they are in error. The starting point of his career was no more than 14 years old when he cut his hair Roberto Giordano and told him that he has all the conditions to be a model and that he should be. And so it was. From that day he began looking for an unrestrained (but victorious) search because it was quickly taken over by various modeling agencies, and in less than five months it was covering the magazine "Chiquititas' "For teenagers"and even came to make international campaigns like"Swatch"And"Coca Cola".

Over time, the phenomenon of social networks that gave the impetus "Fame". Instagram He allowed it to blend in and shape perfectly to be a model of what is today called "influencer"Or"instagramer' "Suddenly, people who saw you in magazines could not know you, and today when they go out in a magazine and see me, I know who I am. It's like constant feedback. It's good because I'm not a social media phenomenon. My neighborhood. he guided me"He has shown

Since she has been a communicator on networks, she has understood that being at the forefront is a great responsibility. "You have to be very aware of what you say. It does not matter if you have a million or two people to follow you, as long as you communicate something in which someone is behind it. I also have many little girls who tell me that I follow all your advice"he analyzed.


Like any public figure, critics are following her, but Stephie, with over 726,000 followers in your account. Instagram, proves that it does not attach great importance to this. "It's about half a complication, because when you have two hundred thousand cute messages and one who says "ugly, fat, that dress is horrible" I give you the desire to answer …"assured the young woman and added firmly:"You do not have to take everything so personally, because later the same person crosses you on the street and says "how beautiful you are." Nowadays, through social networks, someone tells you something. The most important thing is not to answer because everything they want to do is attract attention. People who hate you will be everywhere. "

"Nowadays, through social networks, someone tells you something, the most important thing is not to answer, because all they want to do is attract attention."

However, no matter how hard you try to ignore the aggression, then there are times when "the chain is coming out"As if she could not answer a suspect who accused her of having come with her new partner, Guido Pella, since influencer said that after the relationship with Grego Rossello It was supposed to appear for one year without a new friend: "These are things you say at the moment (…) and it is very difficult to keep the file. The truth is, I wanted to upload the photo with my new friend and who likes him well and does not care. I will not give up life or share my life, which makes me happy because I said I would not present a boyfriend by the end of the year. If I fell in love before the end of the year, okay, it does not seem to me serious. You do not have to be judged by your finger. It's not that terrible".


It should be noted that Stephanie is not the same young woman since she sank for the first time on social networks. With the passage of time, the model has become shy and has achieved more direct and effective communication, through instastories, with his followers, such as a professional Instagram. Consequently,before"And"then"It was due to the relationship with his former partner, instagramer Grego Rosello, who (in a way) contributed to his extroversion.

"Yes, it can be. The truth was that before I was more in the role of model and I had the secret type in that I had to look perfect and impeccable. Being with Grego, I got involved in that life and, little by little, I started to look at nature and I appreciate it a lot.he admitted.

"Being with Grego, (…), slowly, I open up to look at the natural and appreciate much more. "

Since the young woman broke into his world Instagram. Many began to pursue their careers and their love relationships. Among the most remarkable novels are Juan Martín Del Potro. Rodrigo Mora and Grego Rosello. However, his current is Guido Pella who has stolen his heart. However, there are those who compare their relationships and try to harm: "The truth is, I'm trying not to give a lot of ball because there are many opinion authors on the subject. But for me, all relationships are taught. I'm more upset about what Guido can feel than what he's doing in me. My relationships are already closed and the links too. I was nice and I scored".

Your heart has an owner

"I saw Guido in the little Schwartzman's social networks, I asked him about it and they got me in touch. We started talking and it was such a month because it was traveling"the model told us, and she continued to be delighted:"That month we've loved you right now. Then, when he returned to Argentina, we saw each other and since then we have not separated".

The suspicions of romance between the tennis player and the model were true. The clues they offered through their networks were perfectly united as a jigsaw puzzle and so was the certainty of courting that they had to paint with a photo. "People want to know everything and, if not, they start drawing their own conclusions. They invented a friend a week. I was already involved in Guido and I said "blanquiemos". The news has already been known and moreconfessed Stephanie.


For the time being, the only difficult part of their relationship is to see, because he as a tennis player has an agreed calendar for the whole year, however, she does not. "It's complicated (…). We find moments, but it is day by dayhe said.

Sexy and sweet at the same time

Stephanie confessed that a part of her audience is childish and that at the very moment of the best posts it can become a problem. "They are stages. You say you're more comfortable with your body and try uploading sexy photos. And some people working with me told me I was really sexy and that at Disney they did not love me because I showed it all … And I said okay, okayhe confessed.

"I do not even have a super-exuberant mega body. I have a cock and a cock … but mommy I have nothinghe continues.


"They told me I was very sexy and that at Disney they did not love me because I showed the whole culture …".

Stephanie Demner works on what he likes for more than 13 years and plans to do so much more. Still, he dreams of starting a family "with many dogs, two or three children and Guido"Though she does not rule out being a mother influencer.


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