Monday , April 19 2021

Jesica Cirio surprised social networks with a washed-up face

After a few days "Electronic detoxification" and does not publish anything about their social networks, Jesica Cirio He turned back and wanted to greet his followers with a postcard.

The model and the conductor, He shared a wonderful moment with his daughter, Chloe, a year, the fruit of his relationship with the Mayor of Lomas de Zamora, Martín Insaurralde. In the picture, she can be happily seen with the bike, with her daughter in the safety seat and wearing a helmet. "Here we continue as a family that gets you in 2019! We did a little electronic detoxification and I was already recharged to get started altogether," wrote Jesica next to the postcard.

Photo Received more than 30 thousand small hearts in a few minutes and many users have highlighted this They drew attention to Jesica's face. The pattern has been criticized for how different he looks, and even accused her of intervening surgically and not recognizing it. For this, seeing them without makeup, her followers had not recognized it. "It can not be recognized. I did not realize it was Jessica, "he wrote." You look like another person, "he added.

The model also has also shared a video in which you can see in detail your daughter's happy face on a bicycle and she was defined as a slug mother. "Enjoy many bike rides! Look, that little girl, I want to kiss her with that little watermelon. Also, do you want to squeeze them and kiss them all the time? #mamababosa"Queen Zumba confessed in their networks.

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