Thursday , April 15 2021

Kickboxing fighters who beat a young man asked for forgiveness: "There was no intention of killing"

Two weeks after the violent discussion of trafficking in the Camino Centenario and 501, the two fighters accused of the assassination attempt of Gonzalo Colombo they denied that they were fugitives, have been repented, but have made it clear that there is no intention of "killing anyone".

Before declaring before the prosecutor, the defendants broke the silence and in an interview with the site 0221 They have given their version of the facts. Ezequiel "El Rey" Reymundo pointed out that he is not a professional fighter, but He admitted that he was the one who beat him a punch and a blow to Colombo. In turn, Leonardo "La Sombra" by Oliveira, denied participating in beatings.

The event took place on December 23 in Gonnet City. Witnesses have coincided when they saw how a Fiat 147 and a Goal that made dangerous maneuvers on the route, blocked a third, whose driver went down to discuss and received a beating that left him unconscious on the street.

"In the shortest time I wanted to kill no one, I admit that I hit him, I regret this moment, that I reacted, I apologize to the boy and his familyReymundo said. In any case, he said the confrontation was the result of a previous aggression suffered by the wounded.

The other aggressor, Oliveira, is a professional fighter, but have revoked the license after the incident. Although he's sorry he left the car, he said when he did the young man he was already on the floor and that they never hit him.

"I hope you can clean my image and fight again. I want to to be quiet with my family and I apologize to Gonzalo's family, "he concluded. Defense attorneys have already called for the release of the prison and claim that Reymundo's alleged aggression against Colombo has been recorded in a monitoring room.

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