Sunday , October 17 2021

"La gran fiesta": how to prepare Punta del Este for the only play of the preseason of the river

"A very special night of celebration, Punta del Este receives America's champion in his only summer party: fireworks, music, DJ and good football, two big Rio de la Plata, a great party and tribute: Marcelo Gallardo and the whole team meets people. So the organizers are promoting the party Tuesday, January 15, at 22.10, will face the Maldonado National River and Campus.

Copa Libertadores champion will play here his only pre-season game, to be held in Solanas, Punta del Este, from January 6th to January 17th. The meeting has a number of attractions: besides the color and festive scene, the only two teams that led Marcelo Gallardo in his career as a coach and, moreover, The river will have its own campus as a prelude to the start of official activity, which will begin four days later with the match with Defensa y Justicia for a pending match from the eighth time of the Superlige.

There will be an excellent display to make the perfect party. Manufacturers to put music in the night will be the DJ Tommy Muñoz, the saxophonist Tamara Kreimer and various local bands that will play live. In addition, the event will have a gourmet tour of excellence. The idea of ​​the organization is to make a show of 6 hours long with the party as a magnet and a lighthouse. There will be a tribute from the Uruguayan team authorities to the Argentine coach, a special training to expose the trophy Libertadores Cup and an assortment also geared towards the delight of the television.

The initial plan was to deal with the Boca River and Boca in this context. For this reason, Núñez's club renounced alternatives to achieve the preseason in the United States. But because of the latest world-class sporting issues of the two biggest teams in the country, the duel has been canceled. Guillermo Tofoni, FIFA Match Agent and responsible for organizing this match, corrected: the party was postponed.

"The River and National Match is a platform with a set of security devices included demonstrating that the city is ready to host a superclassic magnitude event, in this sense, the municipality of Maldonado is interested in city advertising as well as a pole attractive athlete. The idea is that next summer there will be a summer superclasico in Punta del Estehe announced.

River and Boca owe a friendly match they agreed when the same bank sponsored them.. The meeting is still valid, although the signature is no longer main sponsor of the equipment, the commercial link continues to be linked to the cards. As Tofoni confessed, Both River and Boca want to fulfill this remarkable classic. And one of the proposals is to take part in the Maldonado campus at the Domingo Burgueño Miguel stadium in order to open new markets.

"In 40 years there has never been a summer match outside of Argentina and it has been a long time since an important match was held in Punta del Este", the organizer said.

Martín Laventure, general manager of Sports and Events for Maldonado Intention, compared his transcendence with matches through eliminations and championships under 20 years. "Undoubtedly, it is a very important and very special game, especially due to the circumstances of the tower: the consecration of the River as a South American champion and the connection between Gallardo and Nacional. "His desire is for Punta del Este to return to the stage of the first-level matches, the necessary precautions in logistics, technology and security for the normal development of the show, the idea being to be considered as a test bench for the presentation Punta del Este as a place to organize this kind of meeting, "the leader said.

Tickets can be obtained through the Red UTS site and over 400 Redpagos and Tienda Inglesa distribution points in Uruguay. The partiality of the river will occupy the western head, all the southern plains and 75% of the official sector called North. The value of their tickets ranges from 3,000 to nearly 5,000 Argentine peso. In the online sale, one payment will be activated, and VISA cards have allowed plans up to 6 rates at points of sale.

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