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La Mona Jiménez, the great surprise of Argentina's Lollapalooza, which lit the passions in networks


Arctic Monkeys, Kendrick Lamar, Sam Smith and La Mona Jiménez: in variety is the taste and Lollapalooza knows it

He himself took it himself to look at the festival when he returned to the stage
after his recent hospitalization. On this occasion, he scheduled a show in Buenos Aires called Monapalse. If in the last edition a

Lollapalooza Argentina

The "surprising effect" was played by the Ladies, for the next to cover the space

Mona Jiménez

. In this way,
The festival will be hip hop, electronic music, pop, rock … and the quartet from 29 to 31 March at Hipodromo de San Isidro!

In Córdoba, as with all good news about his idol, Carlos La Mona Jiménez's fans celebrated on social networks the arrival at

Lollapalloza 2019

Argentine. "It's a fact that the boss will share the scene with artists like Kendrick Lamar, Arctic Monkeys and Lenny Kravitz," celebrated the Cuarteteando site, which brings all the news to this segment.

This time, Cordovan did not share the novelty with Twitter, where he kept his up-to-date followers about his work. The last thing he said was the 51-year-old feast on the dance he had last night in Forja. It was not necessary, on Twitter, as well as on Instagram and Facebook, users being responsible for generating a debate about La Mona's inclusion in the network. It happened something like a year ago, when Pablo Lezcano's band name was revealed in the festival.

Some angry and others with enough humor, many returned to comment on the inclusion of the author, "Who took all the wine" in
festival founded by Perry Farrell. Like Nicolás Mandirola, who wrote on Twitter: "I'm waiting for #DuLipa and they put me in #LaMonaJimenez!"

"First of all, Red Hot (Chili Peppers) and Pablito Lescano are now joining Arctic Monkeys with La Mona Jiménez in Lollapalooza, it's crazy," he wrote on Twitter @ pinkkman_. Between acceptances and rejections, the truth is that the inclusion of the quartet has reached what they expected from the festival's production: making noise. And boys did it. This year she spent with the Free Ladies last year with Leon Gieco and in the run-up to the 2020 edition she will certainly repeat but with another name. The same thing happens with the composition, which never lets everyone be satisfied. The truth is that Lollapalooza 2019 is already in progress, and the King of the Quartet will be at stake. Fortunately, we have four months to oil La Mona's classic step and the movement of his hands.

With the collaboration of Gabriela Origlia.

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