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Laurita Fernández's Sincericidio on the fame of Cabré's "complicated": "When I met him, I had that bias and I realized that nothing to see"

The protagonist sugar He talked to him intruders about his commitment to the actor who maintains a tense relationship with the press.

Laurita Fernández spoke about Nicolás Cabré's engagement in Intruders

His romance Nicolás Cabré and Laurita Fernández It has become one of the "bombs" of 2018. Far from hiding, the couple is a superior and gallant dear, always reluctant to talk about his private life, publicly declared his love for his former partner sugar.

He was invited to a live mobile phone intruders, Laurita talked about the great sentiment they have today and the change of attitude of the gallant.

When the journalist Damián Rojo He told him that Cabré's ex-girlfriends were not talking about their relationship as she did Caras, where he confessed that he would like to be a mother with Nico, said: "It was all natural, you know the limits, and it's good to keep logical intimacy. That's how the money was, we relax in every way and live a normal life."

"The truth is that when I met him, I had a bias about how he might become, and I realized nothing to see, I fell in love with him"

"It has also happened to me that we have never expressed such a thing with such certainty, because it is the first time that it happens to me, that I feel that, I am also with some other security and quiet. enjoy and very good, "he added, happy.

then, Guido Zaffora He asked if Cabré was more sympathetic to the press because of her: "I do not know, I do not think I'm responsible. I am very happy and if happy and happy, it is wonderful. The truth is that when I met him I had a prejudice about how he could become him and realized that nothing to do, I fell in love with him".

"I think it was complicated before and today he is different, he also has a daughter and I think he makes you change"

"Was it a prejudice or did someone tell you it was complicated?" Adrián Pallares. And Laurita admitted: "It was an injury. I saw my novels as a girl, not that I thought it was an old man, but I saw him at home and always said it was complicated, and so on. with him was one of the best experiences I had and when I met him personally, more. I think he was complicated before and today he's different. He has a daughter and I think he makes you change .

Exactly about the connection he has Rufina (4), Cabré's daughter and his China Suárez, and how to go out with someone with a child, he confessed, "It's a combo! It's like that." I already knew it because it came a lot to the theater and I talked more to it than to him (laughs) So it was a problem solved. "

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