Wednesday , May 31 2023

Live: Talleres beats Argentinos Juniors at La Paternal


Play workshops and you have to win to climb on the table. And he does it: it takes 2-0 at Argentinian juniors at La Paternal until the 13th of Superlige. The game is broadcast by Fox Premium.

Junior Arias, at 10 PT, put 1-0 workshops. Gonzalo Maroni, at 2 in the ST, moved back to Ateliere.

There were similar tracks in which the rises Leonardo Godoy they broke the molds.




Argentinian juniors: Lucas Chaves; Gaston Bojanich, Jonathan Sandoval, Nehuén Pérez and Enzo Ybáñez; Alexis Mac Allister, Fausto Montero, Facundo Barboza and Leonardo Pisculichi; Gastón Verón and Francisco Illarregui. DT: Raúl Sanzotti.

workshops: Guido Herrera; Leonardo Godoy, Juan Cruz Komar, Javier Gandolfi and Facundo Medina; Pablo Guiñazú, Andrés Cubas and Juan Ramírez; Gonzalo Maroni; Nahuel Bustos and Junior Arias. DT: Juan Pablo Vojvoda.

objectives: PT, 10m Junior Arias (T). ST, 2m Gonzalo Maroni (T).

changes: ST, 9m Alexis MacAllister de Machín (A); 18m Marcos Arturia de Arias (T), 20m Leonardo Pisculichi de Barboza (A); 23m Carlos Quintana de Gandolfi (T).

reserved: Montero, Machin, Sandoval (A).

instance: Argentinian juniors. referee: Facundo Tello





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