Friday , January 27 2023

Manny Pacquiao responded to Chino Maidana's challenge and joked about his physical condition


It sounded like a marketing strategy rather than a real desire, but the snow bulb continued to return and generated unexpected answers. Marcos René Maidana He challenged Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, Saul "Canelo" Alvarez and Amir Khan in the hours that went up to the evening, which marked his debut as a boxing promoter and now receives the relevant answers.

Visibly out of the ideal weight as a pugilist, his proposal sounded like a press movement. However, several of the attackers took the glove and it was Pacquiao hours after the match with Adrien Broner, who was encouraged to respond with an ironic tone.

"Do you think it's very hard, maybe it's 66 pounds?", said "Pac-Man" at the age of 70 fighting as a professional.

"The Chinese" said some time ago that he decided to resume work to feel better physically, but confessed that he was weighing close to 90 pounds.

Pacquiao, who sounded a possible rival to Chino after his first fight against Mayweather, explained that he would not make the mistake of upgrading, as he did in 2010, to face the Mexican Antonio Margarito. "I have no problem, I can fight anything, but 147 pounds. I tried 154 kg (69,800 kg) with Margarito, but it was too much for me. It's incredible to have survived that fight, "he justified his demands, recalling this difficult triumph in super lightweight books.

Maidana started her career as a junior welterweight (63,500 kg), but then jumped to the welter. There he made some of the best performances in front of Josesito López, Broner and Floyd Mayweather.

"Floyd, the first I won, the second I blew a tooth … Third Miss. Here I am, for my return. inn. Canelo. Pacquiao, here I am, "condemned the fighter the day before 35 years old in a movie he recorded from a gym to promote the evening he had as a star fighting against the defeat of his brother Fabián Maidana against the Venezuelan Jaider Parra.

The Filipino athlete 40 years He was not the only one to talk about the Argentinean challenge. Broner, who has suffered a loss mentioned by Santa Fe in 2013, spoke about the talk. "I I always want to fight against him again. If I fight on a Saturday, I want to fight again on Sunday. I take my hat in front of "Chino" and I wish him good luck on his return, "he said. Fox Sports the 29-year-old American who will seek the great triumph of his history on Saturday.

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