Monday , April 19 2021

Margaret Stolbizer's neglect that caused a wave of meme in networks

It was a watch that social networks did not forgive. "PRO in Capital authorizes neighbors to fund the campaign by painting their yellow paths," wrote Margarita Stolbizer. And he added a reduction to the Buenos Aires newspaper, which gave an account of the new law, which in fact allows Buenos Aires to mark the income of their homes to restrict parking.

What the former deputy did not notice is that the norm, an amendment to the Code of Movement approved by the Buenos Aires Legislature, was not an initiative of the ruling party. On the contrary, the project was promoted by lawmaker Sergio Abrevaya, who heads the GEN party in the federal capital. That is the space that Stolbizer set up in 2007 and which leads at national level.

Twitter users took note of this fact and immediately a wave of memes broke out. "Simpsons joins PRO campaign in CABA", says one of the messages, accompanied by a photo of the popular yellow character series.

Signs of movement, Minions, a teletubbie, sunflower and even a picture of it Yellow submarine, the animated film of The Beatles, inspired several replies that circulated on Thursday.

Six hours later, in an attempt to stop the cascade of messages he received, Stolbizer tried to clarify. "They say that if a joke has to be explained, it is because it was bad, bad." I apologize! ". But until then the networks have already decided.

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