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Morelia, Michoacán, November 23, 2018.- The Michoacan Health Ministry (MSM) invites people to prevent Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), one of the most common conditions, with high mortality and high costs in health care.

The department reported that this condition is composed of chronic bronchitis and pulmonary emphysema; It is more common in people aged 45 years and is characterized by obstruction and bronchial destruction of lung parenchyma (in cases of emphysema).

It is a disease characterized by limiting the flow of air that is not completely reversible. The main risk factor for contracting COPD is smoking, but also exposure to wood smoke, as well as constant inhalation of dust, gases, vapors and chemicals.

Among the most common symptoms of those who suffer from it are coughing, expectoration and lack of air that increases until the patient can climb on a ladder or even bath or clothe because he is agitated and has no breath.

Once the disease is diagnosed, the person suffering from the cigarette must be kept away from it and avoid exposure to wood smoke; In addition, the patient has to follow the therapy suggested by his doctor, which includes drug treatment and also oxygen therapy, ie the use of an oxygen mask for more than 15 hours a day, given the inability of the person to breathe on his own .

Remember that COPD is a disease, in many cases "unknown," mainly associated with tobacco use, so it is essential that over 35-year-old smokers with these symptoms go to your doctor to review to exclude who can suffer

Data from specialists shows that 15-20% of smokers are susceptible to developing this disease, and 90% of COPD patients are active smokers or have been in the past.

The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts COPD will become the fourth leading cause of death in the world by 2030.

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