Sunday , January 24 2021

Nahitan Nndez's disgusting cabin in front of the Superfinal between Boca and the River

The countdown is getting closer to finishing. Boca and the river will face this Saturday afternoon at La Bombonera and if there is anything that can not be missed before an important match like this one, they are cabals. Almost certainly Uruguayan Nahitan Nndez will rank first, at least its particularity

Before a match of these features, with all that is at stake, the football aspect is the most important. But sport has it other nuances and for some cabs are a factor more than relevant. For Boca's team, many have their previous habits to get things going as expected in the field.

Nahitan Nahndez's girlfriend, Sarah García, revealed live ESPN that the midfielder uses "always the same panties"I do not know if she will," she admitted, laughing.

Journalists were surprised by this anecdote told by the Uruguayan couple, but they were shocked when she, as if not enough, said: "It seems to me that the cabal is by not washing".

In other words, he said that Nandez, when he wins a game, use the same clothing again in the next without going through the washing machine.

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