Thursday , April 15 2021

NASA enters Brisbane for the largest exhibition of the museum

You do not need to travel to Cape Canaveral in Florida to learn more about NASA and space.

Save your ticket and visit the Queensland Museum in Brisbane and explore their new exhibition, NASA – A Human Adventure, Coming in March.

This will be the largest exhibit ever exhibited at the Queensland Museum, with more than 250 objects on the display, including spacious and original space and scaled models and replicas.

From space to space costumes, lunar rooms and moon boots, some of the most important moments of the show include several spacecrafts, real-life rocket engines, and multiple full-scale replicas, including NASA's frontal space shuttle, Lunar Rover, Mercury, Gemeni and Apollo Space Craft, and the Lunokhod Lunokhod Lunar Lunar Soviet Robot.

INNOVATION GALLERY at NASA - a human adventure show.

INNOVATION GALLERY at NASA – a human adventure show.

Minister of Arts and Science, Leeanne Enoch, said the Queensland Museum defeated Sydney and Melbourne to be the first Australian museum to host this exhibition of the space travel story.

"NASA – A human adventure will open in March and follows the amazing story of space travel and the history of rocket science and space flight," said Ms Enoch.

"This exhibition is the first to be presented in the recently renovated exhibition space of the Queensland Museum financed by the Palaszczuk government and will be spread on two levels.

"NASA – a human adventure is the largest exhibition hosted by the Queensland Museum, both in terms of size and objects, and coincides with an annual celebration of the 50th anniversary of the moon's landing.

"This interesting exhibition, together with the increase of the museum space, further supports the position of the museum as a main cultural tourism destination, which registered 2.1 million visitors in the last financial year.

"With NASA – a human adventure, the Queensland Museum continues to present the enormous impact of science and technology in our society."

Tourism Development Minister Kate Jones said the exclusive event will drive visitors to Queensland.

"We bring some of the magic of exploring the area to Queensland through this exhibition," said Ms. Jones.

"Queensland's tourism and events have been in partnership with the Queensland Museum to bring the show here because she is driving tourism jobs."

Jim Thompson, executive director of Queensland Museums Network, said that NASA – a human adventure, will be an opportunity for visitors to learn more about some of the most amazing achievements of space technology in the world.

"NASA – a human adventure, celebrates our journey in space with objects from US space programs and the Soviet Union," he said.

"Visitors will be able to marvel at cars that have traveled in space and back as well as large and scaled replicas."

Showing the remarkable achievements of space travel, NASA – A Human Adventure will be launched at the Queensland Museum on March 15, 2019.

The space fits into the NASA exhibition - Human Adventure.

The space fits into the NASA exhibition – Human Adventure. contributed

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