Thursday , April 15 2021

New cacerolazos in some corners of Buenos Aires against rising rate

Like last week, groups of neighbors demonstrated this Friday in some corners of Buenos Aires and Greater Buenos Aires against rising transport rates and public services announced by the national government.

"Ruidazo" was summoned again through the social networks for the 20 and the more appealing corners were those of Acoyte and Rivadavia, in the neighborhood of Caballito, San Juan and Boedo.

while participation was not massive, there have also been protests in Corrientes and Medrano (Almagro); Corrientes and Scalabrini Ortiz (Villa Crespo); Corriente and Ángel Gallardo (Villa Crespo); Cabildo and Juramento (Belgrano); Rivadavia and Pedernera (Flores); Defense and Independence (San Telmo); Monroe and Triunvirato (Villa Urquiza); Lacrosse and Alvarez Thomas (Colegiales) and Caseros and La Rioja (Parque Patricios).

The protest also reached Greater Buenos Aires, in the corners of Márquez and Centenario (San Isidro) and in the vicinity of Olivos, as well as various points in La Plata, Hurlingham, Morón, San Martín and Esteban Echeverría among others.

In social networks, #RuidazoNacional and #Cacerolazos hashtags have been some of the most used. Users uploaded photos and videos of the call and messages with criticisms of the Government's tariff policy.

Last week, the government announced that light will increase in 2019 by an average of 55%, while gas will grow by 35%, the minimum collective ticket will reach $ 18, and the subway will reach $ 21.

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