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Nordelta: Household workers complain that they are not allowed to take combi with owners – 11/20/2018


Sandra is 40 years old and worked for ten years as a domestic employee in Nordelta. From Avenida 197, at the entrance to the private complex, to the house where the service is offered, you can not go. Every day, there is a combination that, until now, is the only non-private means of transport circulating on the premises. However, he says he strives to climb for two months. "They pass by and raise the owners without problems. Our services do not allow us to travel. We started to find out and found out In a meeting some owners said they did not want to share the transport with us because "we talked a lot and we were sweating""Sandra says bugle, Distressed. To make the situation visible, they cut a street: "It was spontaneous, we waited for the combination one and a half hours ago, it passed through free places and did not stop, it gave us so much anger that I decided to manifest. "

From Nordelta, that assures him They have learned about this situation through the media and they reject it.

"At first, the owners who traveled in the combined bags occupied more than one place so they would not get us off." It was not good anymore, but we tolerated it, then they excused me that I could not travelers and so did not let us go higher. At one point we began to see nearly empty combinations that were not taking place for us"And he says he is afraid to stop working to report:" He came to us trying to identify those we claim to leave us outside of Nordelta. "

Nicolas Pasqualini, director of the MaryGo combis service operating in Nordelta, explains that the difficulties started in March. He says they have two services: one who went through the 23 districts and another who went through the neighborhoods but went to the capital. "In March, part of the Nordelta Neighborhood Association wanted to open a public college, 720. Finally, this did not happen because of the resistance of another group, but while it was defined arrived or not and before the alleged incorporation, we almost retired the entire combination that traveled only to Nordelta. This has reduced the frequency of this service and only those who go to Capital remain firm. In them, we take those who pay the trip to Capital, not until the entrance to Nordelta, "Pasqualini explains. At the same time, he claims that" the seat can be seen empty, but it is often sold and is for a person get on the road ".

Commenting on the owners of the Nordelta houses, Pasqualini points out: "They never told us they did not want employees and owners to travel together. In fact, the Capital service is available to all who go to Capital, both employees and owners." And he adds:Yes, there is a great lack of attention from the Association in relation to domestic workers who have to get to their jobs less frequently than they had before because of the poor landing of the team".

Diego Moresco, CEO of Nordelta S.A. and is part of the Neighborhood Association, says that "The concept that owners do not travel with employees is nonsense". "We have not received this complaint, but repudiation," says Moresco, who explains that this situation is being recorded in a transitional period in Nordelta, where the possibility of starting public transport operations in the neighborhood is debated. "This is the basic problem: in Nordelta we live 35 thousand people and another 10 thousand come to work." Transport is insufficient, so we try to reach a consensus to solve this problem, "he adds.

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