Thursday , August 18 2022

Now you can play Fortnite with your mouse and keyboard on Xbox One


Microsoft launches the November update that adds more features to the console.

Microsoft has announced that the November 2018 update for Xbox One consoles is now available, adding more new features, where no doubt the ability to play some titles with the classic keyboard and mouse combos is highlighted.

As announced in Mexico City X018, keyboard and mouse support can initially be used for only 14 games, including Fortnite and Warframe, but it is certain that other titles will be added to the list.

It should be noted that most USB and mouse keyboards will be compatible, including cable and wireless, and even in December, official products will be launched through an agreement with Razer.

Razer Xbox One

Additionally, the upgrade comes with some improvements to Cortana and Alexa's abilities, Amazon Music has been launched in some regions and search engine adjustments have been made.

What do you think you use the keyboard and mouse combination on Xbox One?

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