Monday , June 27 2022

Orion: The mission that will lead the man to Mars


Neil Armstrong and Edwin Buzz & # 39; Aldrin went on the lunar surface in 1969 on Apollo 11 mission. Almost four decades later, man has this satellite as a way to reach Mars, when we have not returned for various reasons.

"During the Apolo program, NASA's budget was very high because there were mixed goals between exploration and politics. NASA's budget is pretty stable now, it allows us to do one or two big programs at the same time," he says. The 60th decade's priority was to reach the Moon, but with the years that changed, the goal was to build a space station.

"Once the station has finished, it has begun to develop exploration systems such as Orion." Priority has already changed, from the use of orbit close to Earth to its dedicated dedication to exploring space.

This time there will be competition, there will be cooperation. This could be the first difference between Apollo and Orion.

The service module that will stimulate, improve and cool the arrival from Germany, provided by ESA (European Space Agency). NASA's main contractor for Orion, Lockheed Martin, built the crew module and other elements of the spacecraft.

"Push the boundaries," García-Galan's expression, so that the human being dares to reach the red planet in 2030 because of Orion.

"The main reason is that as we have to explore people, push the boundaries." Leaving the Earth and the area where we are accustomed to live is something that humanity must do, it is important to know what our solar system and galaxy are.

Already the man went to the moon, explored, as the engineer says, pushed the limit there. The next step is to get to Mars. "If you plan to explore, you need to develop different technologies, and when doing such complex tasks, you must have tried everything before," he says.

When I walked with Apollo, he said, we learned a lot and developed technology, but at that time the trips were two or three days.

"Being able to return to the moon allows us to use current technologies in this goal and develop new ones to learn how to live further from Earth. In addition, it will be easier to make a step toward Mars without we have to transport as much fuel as it would directly from Earth. "

One of the reasons to return to the moon is to learn and develop technologies, as was the case in the Space Station. There, the human being has learned for years to be close to space.

"In general, there are plans to seek water on the moon, explore what kind of material can be obtained there and for various reasons, but the main thing is to take the first step to go to Mars."

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