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President Macri announced it. He said pensioner pensioners already pay 16% less than other social work of medicines.

Macri explained that transparent management of intermediates-free medicines is a benefit to 5 million retirees and provides an activity to national SMEs in the pharmaceutical field. Photo: The coast

After 20 years, Pami does not buy intermediaries, President Macri announced. He said pensioner pensioners already pay 16% less than other social work of medicines. President Macri announced it. He said pensioner pensioners already pay 16% less than other social work of medicines.

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President Mauricio Macri laid the groundwork for a new agreement between Pami and laboratories, which he described as "competitive and transparent", while stressing that he had already allowed him to obtain significant cuts in social retirement costs. in the purchase of medicines.

"We have had social work for weak and unbalanced pensioners, and now we have a strong and strong Pami," said Macri, who considered that the previous drug purchase system was "not solid enough and transparent", while ponderó to the borrower.

The meeting took place at the Pablo Cassará Laboratory, located on General Paz Boulevard in Buenos Aires, Villa Lugano, in the presence of President Pami Sergio Cassinotti. In this context, the president said that the social work of the elderly "after 20 years will buy again the medicines without intermediaries", which will benefit the "5 million retirees" who will now have access to a " good "by what he has estimated will be" healthy competition. "

He reminded that "Pami signed an agreement in 1997 not buying the remedies directly at the laboratories," but they did it through the chambers of the sector and "decided who sold and discussed a reduction, but the system did not work, was not sufficiently competitive and transparent ".

The president said he "inherited a poorly balanced Pami, which has come to the detriment of medicines and prostheses," offering "a worse service for retirees." In this regard, he said that "today we have a strong and powerful Pami who can provide better service, including access to quality medicines for pensioners who pay 16% less than other social work."

He stressed that he received "68% reductions for cancer drugs" from the new procurement system, so he reaffirmed his decision to "value the Argentine pharmaceutical industry, which, as he has indicated, will allow us to take care of the consumer because it accesses quality products "and also" earns the company because it generates quality work ".

On the other hand, he argued that "an improvement society must be willing to compete," so as to "create frames from which we can compete." According to the head of state, the announcement "will clearly favor small companies through big companies", after stressing that the pharmaceutical industry "is already exporting to the world".

Pami is responsible for 40% of the purchase of medicines in the country. The cost of the drug is also cheaper for other social work.


Pami executive director Sergio Cassinotti said the agency "has a balanced budget and will not need financial assistance from the state." The largest social assistance in Latin America, with 5 million members, is a "reference point for market prices due to the high volume of purchases, since 40% of our medicines are consumed by us." Pami has the fifth largest budget in the country, this year it reaches $ 145,000 million, which is that it never happened because of the bad administrative management of the past. "

Until the present

Pami's CEO explained that "the pharmacies problem has been resolved, we pay for sales on time and refinance in ten installments an old debt, three of which were already paid in time." He also said that the problems with the municipalities of Buenos Aires were solved by explaining that "we pay all the hospitals, the municipal ones are taxed every month and there is no problem. There were old debts of previous efforts for this government and we do payment plans with them and pay them ".

There is no control

Cassinotti said that "there was no control and much abuse in the body because there were people who had free medicines and were not in social vulnerability." There were affiliates who paid a prepaid, a new car or more than a home, and a free medicine, and what it is intended is that it reaches the most needy, who pays a maximum of half a pension and not a tax of 60,000 pesos, "he said. "What is meant is that if an affiliate has a prepayment for which he pays about 14,000 pesos a month, he pays the drug with a 50% discount and is not free of charge," he said.

Magnetic accreditation

Digital Recipes Come

Macri also said it was "an essential task to take care of our grandparents," and also anticipated that electronic prescription "will be a revolution" in retirement care.

Pami will launch a new magnetic card for its members next year and a "digital signature" system for physicians to avoid prescriptions on paper, to facilitate care for members in pharmacies and to avoid irregular maneuvers, the director said. executive of social work, Sergio Cassinotti.

Cards will have a security code for pharmacies and medical care, such as the recipient's information, health information, and a record of the medications they require and the medical studies they have made.

"This will help us put together a pathology map, besides providing the system with more transparency and avoiding fraud," Cassinotti said. Director Pami explained that accreditation will be "a card with the same security conditions for a credit card and every patient will do any kind of service."

"You can buy a medication or admission, and consumption goes to a record in the name of the member, there will be everything you did and when you go to the doctor, just by seeing the number, gives the medical history.

"The doctor will be able to see there, for example, that if a study has been done recently, he can not be sent to make another study, which is very important because today, around 30% of health spending to do with unnecessary or corrupt benefits, and that is what we are trying to eliminate. In addition, the doctor will prescribe the drug, sign it digitally, and the pharmacies will see it on the screen, and the retirees will not have to go back to the office to withdraw prescriptions within two days. "

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