Monday , April 19 2021

Photos by Luciana Salazar and her daughter, Matilda, on vacation in San Francisco

Luciana Salazar It took a few days Chismoses, the cycle that leads through Net TV at go on holiday with his daughter Matilda, one year. Destiny? circuit started in Las Vegas, where you received 2019, continued through Los Angeles and ended in San Francisco.

It was in that city, exactly in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, where the driver and model he published very good photos next to his little girl

Luli chose a formal look for travel, with a scarf to fight against cold and tacos. As you can see in pictures, Matilda enjoyed the afternoon and always smiled. But does anyone else accompany them? That is for sure the great mystery …

Fit Adrián Pallaresshe I would have met an American businessman. And, exactly, everything shows that the trip he made to Miami a few weeks ago would have been motivated by the meeting with him.

The truth is, leaving aside his old yard Martin Redrado, with whom Luli is very reserved for what his relatives have secured will not return. So we will have to wait for the relationship to grow before we can listen, from his mouth, confirmation of romance.

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