Saturday , June 25 2022

Racing related to Banfield and could not keep the points difference on the top


racing he could not break on the night of Sunday the order imposed by Banfield and had to settle for connection without so many in his stadium, although he remains at the top of Superlige's positions.

The academy took the initiative to impose the settlement but did not have the fluidity of other games to complicate Banfield's prolix, he tried to resist with more desire than clear ideas.

Racing's side-play characteristic, especially Renzo Saravia's, plus Ricardo Centurión's speed and dribbling, found obstacles tonight for the Burghi's position, which, aware of his limitations, proposed to fight and put pressure on very large in the middle to cut the circuit of the building.

Racing continues to lead the Super League, but now has a two-point advantage over his escort.
Racing continues to lead the Super League, but now has a two-point advantage over his escort.

A Leonardo Sigali header was thrown into the corner of the Arboleda and a woodcut by Jonatan Cristaldo. the best options with which Racing counted to open the score in a first stage of entertainment.

In the second half Racing continued with the initiative, but with less clarity, so the tactical order of the visit complicated the impetus of those led by Eduardo Coudet. Racing's intentions ended in Arboleda's safety, who stayed clear in 40 minutes, sent a free kick from Guillermo Fernandez to the corner.

The race was furious that it failed to get the three points, now adds 30 units and just two from the Atlético Tucumán guard. The ones headed by Julio Falcioni, on the contrary, came up with the premise to add and made it with much sacrifice to acquire 18 units.

The next time, Racing will visit Talleres on Monday, December 3, in Córdoba; while Banfield will receive Argentinian juniors on Saturday.

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