Wednesday , September 28 2022

Readjust: Axion had to lower prices to "not be unbalanced" compared to competition


The price of diesel fell to 2.14% in the capital and oil in some provinces Source: Archive – Credit: Emiliano Lasalvia

Oil company Axion announced yesterday a
reducing the price of its diesel products up to 2.14% in the capital, while in some provinces it lowered its oil.

"We raised the prices, then Shell and YPF, which
He did it under us. This is a commercial strategy not to be unbalanced towards our competitors. That's why an adjustment was made, "detailed from Axion to the Telam agency.

"In the capital, we lowered the price of various diesel products and did not move the price of gasoline," they explained.

They also confirmed that "in some provincial points the price correction included gasoline."

"The most significant fall in Capital was in premium diesel that fell by 2.14%, with 90 cents per liter
has gone from the cost of $ 42.07 to $ 41.17, "they have detailed.

Common gasoline in the capital fell by 30 cents, from $ 35.29 to $ 34.98, the company said.

The company has confirmed that price changes respond to "a commercial strategy" as a result of readjusting the values ​​that took place in the sector a few days ago.

"We made a price increase and it is common for the competition to move, then a readjustment is done," the company explained.

On November 1, the oil company announced an increase of up to 5% and 7% for diesel. Few days later, Shell followed an average of 4.8%, while YPF subsequently made an adjustment of the average growth of 2.5%.

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