Wednesday , May 31 2023

River appeals against Conmebol's decision to prevent Gallardo from entering Boca


River Plate will appeal to CONMEBOL which resulted in a total suspension of four matches for the coach Marcelo Gallardo. The Núñez entity seeks to "Muñeco" present in Bombonera in the first phase of Superfinal, to be played on Saturday, November 10, at 4 pm.

According to a document released by the Sabbath by the South American football organization Núñez will not be able to reach the stadium in the next match of the Copa Libertadores nor communicate with their assistants or players. Then, three suspension matches in the "El Muñeco", although they do not forbid access to the script in which these matches were played.

A direct source confirmed by the river Infobae that the judgment will be appealed to with the purpose to withdraw the point that prohibits entry to the Boca Stadium.

If the appeal does not arise, Gallardo can not be the Bombonera and the have to pay attention to the first finals on television. Returning to the Monumental (November 24, Saturday at 4:00 pm), you can enter the stadium, but your seat will again be occupied by the assistant on the bench Matías Biscay.

Conmebol imposed a penalty on Gallardo for breaking the previous penalty against Gremio de Porto Alegre in the semi-finals. "The baby" was suspended he entered the field at Monumental at the end of the first stage later. The economic fine ($ 1,500) was expected to be in the stadium but it does not maintain communication with its assistants and does not enter the dressing room.

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