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River Fan who gave a lesson to everyone – 11/24/2018


Saturday night / Saturday night was a scandal around Monumental. From the rocks to the slopes inside the stadium, crossing the statements between the players. Between chaos and madness, a river fan put cold cloths in the situation and gave a lesson to everyone: Boca and Millo.

"Hold River, I'm a river fan, but Boca … I'm sorry, I'm sorry for what happened to you like a river fan, my brother is a Boca fan and I love him like a Boca fan, he began, rivalry after the suspension of the game.

Let's learn all this, have civilization. Being civilized, we will increase everything. It does not matter religion or politics or nothing ", concluded in dialogue with TNT Sports.

The river fan who gave a lesson to everyone

Between so much chaos and scandal, a fan del Millo left a message of peace to both clubs.

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