Tuesday , February 7 2023

Rodrigo Noya returned to his former, cheated and now told him everything that happened: I'm sick


Relationship between Rodrigo Noya and Sofa Sorrenti always had recadas. In fact, the most recent one was in July last year, during the World Cup in France, when rumors about the actor's scam with Barby Silenzi (his distribution partner in Hansel and Gretel's World) appeared. In those moments, sofa I decided to continue for the son they shared, Baptist.

now, Sorrenti I joined Rodrigo at Mar del Plata, working on the Chorros project. However, things had a new return and the scandal was unleashed. The artist was photographed on the beaches of La Feliz away from his family and the company of another girl. This is Martina Sicigliano, whom I met in El del Chamuyo club.

When the image becomes viral, sofi I decided to talk about what was happening to them and suggested that the artist cheated on her. "I'm tired, I'm sick of everything, I'm going to tell the truth about everything, so people do not ask me any more," he began. "Rodrigo and I before we went to Mar del Plata, we were together, we decided not to make it public, the whole theater is a lie, five days ago we decided that the relationship is not for more," he explained .

"The new relationship he says is a lie, I have come here to strengthen the relationship with him, do not make her look fame, I'm hurt, and a woman and a broken family mother is the worst. "We have consistently received messages and catchings and have collapsed more," she said, suggesting her boyfriend has repeatedly cheated on her. times.

"I'm showing you a stone, but I'm the most sensitive woman in the world, and what I love most, defends it with all my strength," he concluded. younger. I also published a picture with your child and I wrote: Today I cling to you with all my strength, it is not easy just the people who know me well know how they are destroyed, fortunately among all the evils that shine well and you are eternal , I love you son.

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