Tuesday , April 20 2021

Sabrina rojas uploaded his first Instagram movie after scandal

After the mysterious hacking of Instagram's accounts of Sabrina Rojas and Luciano Castro, the model was encouraged to use this social network.

The couple are currently enjoying their holidays in Mar del Plata with their children after the controversy. A few days ago, a strong message in the Instagram account Sabrina Rojas He has disappointed his concern. In addition, there were versions of the crisis with her husband, Luciano Castro.

"I'll finally get rid of this, I'll take off the mask, I've respected you for a long time, I've been crying and shutting down, I'm sorry for everything that's going on, not for you, but for all the people who really love you. for all who think you're a great person, especially three who admire you. " But the psychopath, violent, drug addict and can continue, someone has to stop, "can be read for two hours in Sabrina's social network, while in Luciano a mysterious discussion with a woman appeared.

finally, Sabrina Rojas revealed they broke Instagram accounts. However, Castro chose to remove his account against the background of the scandal. Despite clarifying the actress, the rumors of the crisis followed.

However, a few hours ago, Sabrina Rojas He has uploaded a story about Instagram, where you can see his two children with the toys in their hands and Luciano Castro appears in the background.

In an interview with Gente magazine, Rojas added, "Unfortunately, I do not suspect anyone." I have no need to say, I have already clarified Instagram, I have found it the most practical way. the media, because I have good vibrations, and you do not give notes one by one because it's exhausting.

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