Tuesday , June 28 2022

Samsung Galaxy A will have a fingerprint sensor below the screen


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A new rumor coming from South Korea says the family's cell phone Samsung Galaxy A will be equipped with a fingerprint sensor in 2019.

Fingerprint On Display Technology (FOD) is one of the major trends in the field mobile phonebut so far reserved for high-end devices. However, a rumor a couple of weeks ago began to speak of this Samsung I planned to introduce you fingerprint reader below the screen on their mid-range phones, and this information gains strength with new reports from the Asian country.

And, according to South Korean media, Samsung has blocked the service provider fingerprint sensors Under the Chinese company panel Aegis Technology. If this information is true, the mobile phones of the series Galaxy A in 2019 will team up with this technology, a move that will allow it to differentiate itself from competition along with the increasing number of cameras back.

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However, fingerprint readers they will not have the same features as those they should equip Samsung Galaxy S10. Instead of having the ultrasound fingerprint sensor, mobile phones Galaxy A will mount an optical sensor.

Optical fingerprint readers work by screen illumination and light reflection on the finger, which allows the component to capture a fingerprint image to identify the user through algorithms that detect foot modelsit.

In contrast to the with ultrasound, optical sensors are less accurate, since the first use ultrasound to create a the three-dimensional image of the fingerprint. Optical readers are cheaper, so it makes sense Samsung choose this type for the average range.

Currently, there are no known models of the range Galaxy A will be equipped with this technology in 2019, and we must also take this into account Samsung He has not confirmed anything yet, so we will have to wait to find out more.


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