Thursday , April 15 2021

Samsung takes on the idea of ​​minimalism and space utilization with the new and incredibly versatile Space Monitor

Without those who usually fight fierce fighting against cables, they are tirelessly looking for a "zen office" and their dream is to build a "battle station" or "configuration" to take advantage of the space they have , because we have good news. Samsung has just unveiled a monitor that just meets what is required for space and desktop lovers.

Is called Samsung Space Monitor and its emphasis is to take advantage of the space on our desk, hide the cables, and move around at will, where we can even stick it to the wall to have more space.

Even frames are minimal

Anticipating the beginning CES 2019, Samsung wanted to advance some of what we will see during the Las Vegas fair, where its monitor segment will receive a new member trying to attack the minimalist segment and the use of space.

Although they did not give us much technical details, we know Samsung Space Monitor will be available in two sizes: one 27 inches with QHD resolution and another 32 inches with 4K resolution. In both cases, the design will be the same, if the panel will occupy much of the front, reducing frames to a minimum.

The differentiating element of this space monitor will be its arm or stand, which can be attached to any office and will allow us to move the monitor to the liking of the user. We can stick it completely against the wall without worrying about the cables or the arm itselfbecause it is integrated into the monitor and here the cables will pass both power and HDMI to avoid exposure.

This ergonomic adjustment that gives us the arm will allow us to get closer to us and even put it on the table or on the desk, we can set it up in many ways, which will give us a flexibility that today is difficult to achieve on a monitor.

Judging from photos, This design will make us sacrifice the wall thickness, because the boom integration and cable addition system as well as access to the ports have made the thickness more than usual.

So far, the prices and date of availability of this Samsung Space Monitor are unknown, but certainly during CES 2019 we will have more details.

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