Wednesday , May 31 2023

Scandal in Paraná: minors get naked in a bowling alley to win a sparkling wine


The video showing the episode has become viral through the Internet. At least one of the girls who stripped off and the animator are minors

A scandal broke out in the city of Paraná (Entre Ríos) from viral Internet images featuring a group of girls and an animator – later confirmed that at least two of them are minors – participating in a contest in a local bar , where the girls took off their clothes and danced in front of the audience to win an alcoholic drink.

The Public Prosecutor's Office and the Bureau of the Prosecutor's Office for Gender Equality in Entre Ríos have decided to take more action on this basis. Among them, they analyze the case to see if they are facing an offense or not and require an imminent encounter between parents, businessmen, the municipality and the police to solve the problem.

One of the issues that worry the authorities is to determine whether it is an isolated event or, as others suggest, they are confronted with common practice in local clubs.

The video of the scandal was filmed in a bar in the Paraná port area, which opened its doors at the end of last week with a new name.

That night, the animator of the event encouraged the girls to climb a bar to dance and show their private parties in front of all the bowlers who shot and photographed. The reward for those who would be encouraged would be to receive a bottle of sparkling wine.

Authorities could determine that at least one of the girls who are topless is a minor – is 15 years old – and has to meet with municipal authorities to tell them whether or not she was forced to remove her clothes.

They also determined that the "animator" who incited the girls who danced to the bar to "peel" in exchange for a drink was just as minor: she is 17 years old.

The Chief of the Defense Ministry of Entre Ríos, Maximiliano Benítez, argued that "although there are no crimes, there are behaviors that happen and are not regulated and we can not be distracted."

The official urged "not to centralize" the issue of minors because "it is a matter of society".

Benitez considered it necessary "to amend the provincial contravenciones number 3815, which is very old (since 1952) and is outdated," he told a digital media in the area.

In turn, Marcela, the neighbor of Paraná, the mother of two children, said that "it is common in dance places, not only in Paraná but also throughout Entre Ríos because there is a regulation that allows for 14 years" .

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