Tuesday , May 30 2023

Serious Incidents After All Boys-Atlanta – 11/21/2018


There was a lack of control what was experienced around the stadium after the triumph of Atlanta in Floresta. A group of All Boys fans got involved with the police and generated a real chaos in the neighborhood. There was no official confirmation, but there were about 15 inmates besides a few wounded stones and shovels that flew everywhere. The violence that was installed in the door of the Albo court caused the relatives in Bohemia and their own unit to wait about 50 minutes to leave the area and return to their payments. Another shame in Argentine football.

As soon as the game ended, roars began to sound and saw each other, running all kinds of flying objects. The fans threw everything to the police, who tried to control the situation, but he could not. Even at a time, several patrol boats had to escape back to avoid the vandals who managed to block him anyway and managed to break him with stones, sticks and even punches and blows. Oh, and they flew fences …

Atlanta officially informed that friends and leaders who had arrived on the stadium had to leave the stadium aboard the micro campus because the area was an absolute lack of control. A spot for Ascent football and we will now need to see if all the Boys are taking action.

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