Saturday , May 28 2022

Sex and Violence: Lamothe anticipated how powerful her scenes will be with Calu Rivero TV, film, music, fashion and entertainment site at La Voz del Interior


Esteban Lamothe and Calu Rivero will be his protagonists The bells at night, a band that can be seen next year on the Telefe screen.

This is the first daily fiction that Calu will play after the public denunciation and justice of Juan Darthés, his colleague in Dear love.

Considered by his relationship with Calu, Esteban said in Agarrate Catalina that they are very well understood and that everything between them is "flowing". "It's a pleasure to work with Calu, she's a very good person, a great actress and a luxury companion. It's a very nice distribution, it's got very good energy, do not go tired because it's all flowing," he said.

Sex and violence

"We have to make very difficult scenes with Calu, of all kinds, both sexual and violent. It's the first time I have a violent character with a woman, but whenever there is a scene where privacy is at stake, a sexual scene, trust, love and practice are very important, "Lamothe said. interview

"I love to do it, I did it in the theater, but not on TV." The truth is, I have a lot of fun and it's a pleasure, what do not I do with Calu Rivero in the band? "Poor woman, worse for a woman. There is a situation of absolute obedience, we are a couple in which it is much smaller than me, "he added.

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