Wednesday , May 31 2023

Strengthening early HIV screening activities have already done more than 5,000 tests


The Provincial Government, the Corrientes municipality and the AIDS Foundation have carried out more than 5,000 free and confidential tests this year in order to achieve early detection of HIV / AIDS. In this respect, Commune's Undersecretary of Health, Arturo Sandoval, highlighted the activity in the field and stressed the importance of control.
In signing the agreement with this foundation, Vice President Emilio Lanari said: "We have more than 5,000 cases tested so far this year, with a positive 1% prevalence. There are many people who have learned that they have had HIV controls, to which we offer a system of isolation, support and connection to the health system to guarantee their treatment. "
In this regard, it should be noted that the agreement is being carried out within the framework of the project "Prevention of HIV, Viral Hepatitis and STIs" which will try to establish mechanisms, bases, policies, actions and commitments between the municipality and the foundation to extend early detection and HIV treatment / AIDS, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among vulnerable populations.
Concerning the agreement, AHF's Scientific Director for Latin America and Caribbean and Argentine branch coordinator Miguel Pedrola noted that "it is important to achieve our goals in the field of public health: to create access to people's testing living with HIV, ensures good quality of care and treatment, in a non-discriminatory or stigmatized environment. "
At the same time, he underlined that "today, the World Health Organization (WHO) says that people should be treated as soon as possible, less than seven days before diagnosis. This allows for effective treatment to ensure you that there is no detectable virus in the blood.Today we know that "undetectable" patients do not transmit HIV This is essential for reducing infections. "
"I worked for several months with the foundation, I was in Plaza Cabral, Torrent and other strategic points. Some time ago I incorporated it into operations, we are doing good, because there is a significant percentage of people I do not know that I live with HIV, "Sandoval told El Litoral and said that in December they would do the same" fixed in primary health centers. "
On the other hand, they reported that during the World AIDS Day, which is commemorated every 1 of the following month, the City Hall will organize a day of awareness with local associations, the Faculty of Medicine of the North-East National University (Unne) and the provincial government.
In this context, they reminded that in each health operation, together with the Ministry of Public Health, the municipality offers quick tests where the results are obtained ten minutes after making a small blood sample with a finger pen. The test is confidential and voluntary.

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