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Ten years after the launch of the Galaxy series, Samsung designed a super-mobile folding


Ten years after the launch of the Galaxy series, Samsung designed a super-mobile folding

The mysterious mobile phone is, of course, not the only card Samsung will play on the mobile market, and the last thing that has been known comes in the form of Wall Street Journal's information, which assures the Koreans are preparing a supermobile to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the success of the "Galaxy".

Following closely Apple's moves with the iPhone X, Samsung would celebrate the ten-year launch of the original Galaxy, presenting a terminal that would break completely with everything seen so far and bring us closer to what will come next years in the segment.

The original Samsung Galaxy was announced on April 27, 2009 in response to that mobile iPhone transgression that came into sale just a few years ago. As for what Samsung has at the gas stove, we would face a multiple launch of up to four premium smartphones that will be announced in February at the Mobile World Congress. 2019 will be a fast-paced year for the Asian giant because, as I pointed out, it is rumored that its collapsible mobile phone would see the light in March of the same year, creating a wide range of options for the followers of the brand.

According to the published information, Samsung would present its new internally-internally-named "Beyond X", a new sign of the iPhone X and using the same Roman numerals to refer to the tenth anniversary. What are the main novelties of this device? First of all, the size.

The maker was the first to dare to shoot the size of the mobile screens with the original Galaxy Note, and since then, the phones have not finished growing. In this model, we face a huge 6.7-inch screen, leaving 6.4 cm behind Note 9 and approaching dangerously close to a small tablet (iPad mini has 7.9 cm screen) .

The new model would also support 5G networks, the expected evolution of the current 4G, a connectivity that will leave behind the connections and download speeds of mobile phones, which will undoubtedly lead to a change in user habits.

The adoption of the 5G model in this model is very important in the race that releases the Apple manufacturer, who has yet to wait for support on the iPhone. And in this crazy race that seems to follow a "more, the better," it is rumored that the camera has up to six cameras, two front and four rear, an excess of optics that is not even new to Samsung.

Another great novelty of this equipment is that it will serve its owners as a "power bank" or an external battery with which to charge wirelessly compatible Qi devices. The principle is simple: a smartphone with such a large screen will necessarily enjoy a too oversized battery, why not use it to charge other devices in addition? Samsung could follow Huawei's footsteps with Mate 20 Pro, a device that offers reverse charge: a device that supports Qi charging is placed on its back and the mobile itself will charge this device. Because this newspaper contacted the producer, who did not want to make statements about him.

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