Thursday , June 1 2023

The 150,000 rapid HIV tests this year will overcome the Ministry of Health


The Ministry of Health is approaching 150,000 rapid tests for detecting human immunodeficiency virus (HIV); Reagents that have almost 100% efficiency in detecting the virus, which is done in just a few minutes.

This was announced by Health Secretary, Monica Liliana Rangel Martinez, who explained that during the National Fast Track Test Day 2018, the Secretariat conducted a timely detection campaign for the entire state, which at the end of October allowed 144,000 tests in potosine and potosine.

In addition, our program of care and monitoring of HIV patients is among the best in the country in care because nine out of 10 patients with this disease keep low levels of this virus in the blood, which is an institutional achievement, "said Monica Liliana Rangel.

He explained that this week he applied rapid HIV tests in the various municipalities of the seven Sanitary Jurisdictions that reached the highest number of potosines.

In addition, the Ministry of Health added that tests will be available in Health Units such as Health Centers, Capacities, General Hospitals and Community Hospitals.

The benefits of rapid HIV testing are:

1.- Knowing HIV diagnosis helps them take preventive measures to avoid transmission.

2.- Timely detection allows treatment to be started with greater success.

3.- This campaign will be vigilant on the basis of which each rapid HIV test will have pre- and post-test counseling, as well as the provision of results by trained and informed staff who will provide accompaniment.

4.- The fast test gives us a result with the truthfulness and sensitivity of almost 100% in a few minutes.

People who are recommended to have a rapid HIV test are those who have unprotected sexual practices, people who share needles or other sharp objects, or who have a sexually transmitted infection, hepatitis or tuberculosis. They did a tattoo or piercing for earrings in any part of their body.


2017 Tests applied at the end of Quarter 3 123.396

2018 Tests applied at the end of Quarter 3 144.895

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