Tuesday , April 20 2021

The attack on Swedish tourism spreads macrismo

This was said on Friday, Néstor Hernández, director of Argerich Hospital, offering the medical report of Christoffer Persson, who was operated three times in the last few hours.

"Patient evolves favorably, without fever, has switched from intensive care to intermediate therapy but has to remain hospitalized"Hernandez said in a brief press conference at the hospital door.

Diego Santilli

<img src = "https://media.minutouno.com/adjuntos/150/imagenes/035/977/0035977780.jpeg?0000-00-00-00-00-00" alt = "Diego Santilli in Argerich encompasses the health of the Swedish tourist
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Diego Santilli, in Argerich, dealing with the health of the Swedish tourist

This afternoon, he received the visit of Deputy Chief of Government, Diego Santilli. The official, responsible for de facto City Security, was the only authority to visit the injured tourist. The image he had access to minutouno.com, is unofficial, because the diffusion or not of insecurity has generated divisions in macrismo in the electoral year.

Physicians who operated on Persson agreed with the family to amputate their right foot to "save their lives," said the director of the medical institution because the victim was sedated during the operation.

Meanwhile, the neighbor who helped the couple after the violent incident said he had been assembled with the tourist shootings and told him that as an engineer you can now dedicate yourself to the prostheses.

shot at Swedish tourist.mp4

"He's a phenomenal guy, an excellent person." She told me it hurts a little. I apologize, but he told me that this could have happened here or elsewhere"commented the neighbor who, with a towel, made a turnstile on his foot to the victim to stop the bleeding.

Also, the neighbor said he never did a course, but what he did was "intuitive": "I did what had to be donehe concluded.

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