Friday , January 27 2023

The case of San Pedro's hantavirus has been confirmed to be chronic


The San Pedro municipality's health ministry has confirmed that in the last few hours tests on a man who has been consulted at the Sanatorium COOPSER because of the alleged symptoms of the Hantavirus virus have shown positive results.

The victim is a rural worker identified as being Armando Espíndola, who was transferred to the "Constituyentes de Morón" clinic. In this health center, the care protocols published by the Health Region and the Ministry of Health are published.

The patient recovers. The infection would have occurred in the province of Entre Ríos, although the first symptoms were recorded in our city.

In order to transfer the population, quiet and accurate information on the characteristics of the case, this Thursday, the 17th to 10 in the hospital San Pedro Sanitary authorities and the region will provide a press conference in which they will be detailed ongoing preventive actions, population recommendations and other information of interest.

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