Thursday , April 15 2021

The dollar declined by 41 cents in the first week of the year: it closed at $ 38.42

The note you wrote the fifth consecutive decrease and reached the lowest value in a month– moved in line with the Single and Free Exchange Market (MULC), where Forex fell 9 cents to $ 37.37 per wheel and accrued a drop of 33 cents a week, which completed a cycle of three consecutive weekly failures.

In this way, the currency has returned to the limit of the so-called "non-intervention area" provided by the monetary authority, which during the day was 37.21 USD. By mid-day, he woke up to just three cents on the floor but managed to reduce the loss to the end.

As usual, the Central Bank has finalized the Leliq auction, which has awarded $ 129.763 million, with a maturity of $ 119.755 million. The average rate was 59.287%, so a slight reduction was applied; while the maximum rate was 59.45%.

Meanwhile, in the world, the dollar fell by about 0.2% against a basket of reference currencies. In the region, it cost up to 1.2%, as happened in Brazil.

The last round of the week kept the same scenario of the last days in which the North American currency continued to operate with a weak and no recovery, the renewed push of foreign income.

the maxims were recorded in the price of 37.45 USD shortly after the day began, the same record of previous termination. Again, the cash flow from abroad took over the development of the session with full impact on the dollar's price.

Prices were adjusted to the fall sales pressure, which, little by little, led them to a lesser fluctuation range, causing the minuses to be written at 37.24 USD at the beginning of the last day of the day.

With some oscillations, but without significant change, the exchange rate ended with new losses in its price. The volume traded declined by 15% to 573 million USD.

"Revenues from abroad remain constant and generate price declines in a repeated silence scenario of the exchange rate that seems to persist in the first month," said operator Gustavo Quintana.

On the other hand, Fernando Izzo, from ABC Mercado de Cambios, said "it is likely that BCRA will lower Leliq's interest rate more forcefully so that exchange opera- tors and financial operators return to the low dollar trend and demand plus currency. "

He added that "it should also be borne in mind that grain workers from January will liquidate wheat crops, where they expect to generate $ 2 billion."

into the the money market between banks, call money was averaged 53%. With foreign exchange swaps, it has been agreed to take over $ 110 million to take over and / or place funds in the pesos by using dollar purchases for next month and Tuesday.

Into the Rofex, 663 million USD were negotiated, of which over 68% were agreed in January-February, at 38.78 USD and 40.18 USD, with rates of 51% and 49.90%, respectively.

In the informal market, blue drops 25 cents to $ 40, according to the survey of this cave environment in downtown Buenos Aires. On the other hand, contad con liqui dropped to $ 37.61 on Thursday to 20 cents.

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