Tuesday , April 20 2021

The drastic decision taken by Ángel de Brito and Marcelo Polino by Laurita Fernández: "Hacelo en vivo"

Some days ago, Angel De Brito announced that the idea of ​​ShowMatch production is that the Super Dancing Jury 2019 Pampita, Florence Peña, Marcelo Polino and him. The driver said that too Laurita Fernández would be part of the contest as a participant.

On Friday, Polino is on the mobile phone in Mar del Plata Angels in the morning and Brito asked him if he knew anything about the life of his colleagues. "Last year we eliminated Pampita because he did not greet us"remember.

"I talked to Flor Peña and she welcomed me, congratulated Laurita for the premiere of the Sugar movie and not for half a ball. Tomorrow I started the program on Espacio Clarín's Radio Miter, called in the air and neither " Marcelo exposed.

"I swear I did not talk to Polino, we met each other, but the same thing happened to me, with Flor Peña we sent private messages, but not through the jury chat, so we will go to the Laurita elimination of the group", Angel decided.

"I like it, it lives, now the group began to paint the day of the Dancing photo and then it was diluted", encouraged Polino. Then the driver removed the dancer from the group.

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