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The interesting letter to the Boca team of the father of one of Trelew's deceased fans


The father of one of the fans who died in a car accident while traveling from Rawson to see the first Superfinal for Copa Libertadores wrote in the last hours a letter to encourage the Boca team and became viral.

"I tragically lost Franco and, beyond my heart, I assumed her with a very resignation that I can not touch, as a tribute to the love we both have for Boca," he said Carlos Silvistri, father of Franco Guido Chairman of Penese Xeneize in Trelew.

Finally, sadly, Carlos asked the players: "They have lost their lives to encourage and to pay homage to the one great, for the best purpose of his history … … it would be that I will send the 7th Liberator to them and to the whole world of Xeneiza, so that our children can enjoy it from the "fourth tray" of our Temple, have the absolute certainty that, like all of us, we will support them. "

Full letter


Gentlemen from the Technical Corps

Professional players


I am Carlos Silvestri, President of Peña de Trelew and the father of Franco Guido, one of the four young people who died in the tragedy of Lobos last Saturday, where, along with their fifth friend, they traveled to La Bombonera, the super-finals in Libertadores.

Franco I sent my unbridled passion for blue and gold from birth … He absorbed it, and over the years the potent and I was absolutely proud of her.

The 5 friends, like tens of thousands of fans and color lovers who make long trips to attend each game, were aware that they really offered their Boca lives and did not regret doing so. …. Ezequiel, Malcolm, Sebastian and Franco, who have lost their lives in the hands of fate. Luciano, on the other hand, and thank God, he struggles with the help of all, after more complicated operations ….

Because if you travel as in our case, 3000 Kms for 30 hours, to have the joy of seeing our team defend the colors for just 95 minutes of football, enjoying themselves or suffering them; if it is not to give life to Boca … then … what is it ?!

Like these five friends, millions of bosters across the country, we travel thousands of miles throughout the year, crossing the mountains, traveling through gravel, frozen, snowy tracks; postponement of priorities: work, study, family; traveling the whole night, completing a car to reduce expenses, with the eternal pilot and the basic pilot, which helps the driver to wake up … Everything for what? … to confess our love for HUMAN !!!

As if this was not enough, when we arrived at La Boca, we endured different colors and ill-treatment; some types of extortion and related …; nothing more than nothing less than we can enter the Temple, let go of the throat and the soul, encouraging our team ….

As a father sank in deep and endless pain for the loss of his only son, that on November 29 he would have received a lawyer and would "give" his new title on 30/11, my birthday; I tell you that these beautiful young people, full of light and life, with children and future projects; They paid with their blood and their lives, their unselfish, passionate and real love for Boca …

I do not ask you so much … I just ask that whenever you put on your glorious shirt, you know what it is … It's not just a professional procedure …

Having the privilege of wearing blue and gold, it must involve engagement, solidarity, dedication, self-love, manhood, dignity … and deep respect for both the institution's coat of arms and its fans.

I lost Franco tragically, and beyond my heart was broken, I suppose with a remarkable resignation I can not touch, as a tribute to the love we have for MOUTH …

I do not have gladiating movies or Epic Triumphs to project them, or strong phrases to pronounce them, seeking them to motivate them … I just hope that in the next 24/11, remember THAT THIS IS HUMAN! And I understand that in Boca her finals are not enjoying, as I heard a player say … FIGHT with tight teeth, struggling, Leave SERIOUS until the last breath and if the result is negative, then they can leave the ground with the front , and with the true silence of delivering everything …

If this does not happen, if it does not turn out to be a circumstance, then our boys would have offered life in vain, that fatal 10/11 in Lobos.

They have lost their lives to encourage and to pay homage to the One Great, for the best purpose of his history … … it would be to pay the other liberators, they and the entire Xeneize world; so that our children can enjoy it from the "fourth tray" of our Temple.

You have the absolute certainty that, like all of us, you will support them.

So either …

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