Wednesday , May 31 2023

The new VAR feature for the Copa Libertadores Superfinals


Technology in football is a reality. With the implementation of a COUSIN nothing is the same. There are a lot of examples where a team wins, loses or draws a match thanks to this new system, which now will have a new function in the Copa Libertadores Superfinal.

In addition to running to check gaps, hands, expulsions and sanctions, VAR will be present if River and Boca reach a penalty definition (only if they end). With this new inclusion The referee can check whether the goalkeeper has overtaken or committed a kicker offense, such as stopping the race or touching the ball several times.

In this case, and as in the usual roles, the referee will make the final decision, while VAR (in charge of the Uruguayan Leodán González) will only have the status of informant.

It will be the first time this system is implemented, because until now, no goal has been defined from the point of view of the killer, because VAR is used.

It is important to note that in the event of a draw and before the penalties, there will be played twice every 15 minutes each, in addition, a fourth change may be made.

What you need to know

Only two days left for the match between the river and Boca, who will define the champion Libertadores Cup 2018. In Toda Pasión we want you to lose nothing of what is happening and what will happen in the coming days. Here, all that is known about the historical definition.

1 – The Conmebol did not accept the program change proposed clubs and security and party will be played at 17 o'clock how was it programmed? They wanted to overcome it by 16 years to avoid the night during the festivities. He will go for Fox Sports live. The referee will be Uruguayan Andrés Cunha. There will be VAR and fourth change if there is extra time.

2 – The match will have a larger police operation that at the entrance to Bombonera. It will start at 9 am around Monumental and it could reach Bombonera if Boca is champion. It will also include the concentrations of both teams and the Obelisk. It is estimated that they are close to 2000 troops security in every concept.

3 – In the river today, Marcelo Gallardo begins to define the team. He does not want to give clues to surprise Boca. Tomorrow there will be a concentration in Cardales. Leo Ponzio is back and Santos Borré is not there.

4 – In Boca today, Guillermo Barros Schelotto will form the team as possible. Atarada Andrada and must define whether to play Tevez or Benedetto, or both together. Also, if there are three strikers or four midfielders. DT canceled today the press conference and will only talk after the final.

5 – This afternoon, Boca will do it training open to the public at Bombonera so fans can encourage players.

6 – River partners have already withdrawn all tickets. There will be 66,000 people in the Monumental. They are non-transferable (to avoid resale), and on Saturday they will have to wear a code to enter the field. A person who has a false entry will be infringed.

7 – The subcommittee of the Wind River is being prepared a historic reception and asked all fans to go with a white red band shirt. I want to throw the Monumental to Boca.

8 – Saturday at noon, Boca fans will do a banner to shoot players when they go to Monumental.

9 – The Saturday Match will define the champion of the Liberators. With any tie there will be an extension of 30 minutes and, if necessary, penalties will be charged. It does not count the visitor's goal of breaking the overall result. In the first stage they tie 2 to 2. The winner will be the champion.

10 – The Liberator Champion will will qualify to play the World Cup of the Club in the United Arab Emirates. December 18, semifinals and final 22.

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