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The passenger felt discriminated in the plane ticket and the truth surprised everyone

January 4, 2019

The woman made a public complaint because she understood that her flight slip wrote "ugly", but the company responded to her message and caused the bumps on the social networks.


A passenger was about to begin a trip with the low-cost Colombian airline Viva Air when he exploded against the company for excess baggage. Natalia Guzmán denounced what happened and claimed he was humiliated by airline staff, although the company responded to the message and the user became the center of the bells.

The situation began to perceive additional value for hand luggage that exceeded the allowed size. For this reason, employees wrote their ticket with a celestial marker, which, according to the woman, said "ugly" and posted the claim in their Twitter account.

"@VivaAirCol I have never felt so disrespected and humiliated. The biggest airline of all, not only made me pay the suitcase 2 cm more, just for the wheels, but the staff treated me fatally and me and my family. They hated us on the edge of the park, "he wrote in his @natisguz profile.

A few hours later, Viva Air responded in the women's publication saying that the word "FEAS" was not written on the ticket, but "FCAS", referring to the excess of loaded hand baggage. According to the airline, the acronym "FCAS" means "billed in the upper cabin" because it is a "low cost" limit of 10 kg, and measures must be 40x35x25 cm.

They enjoyed their daughter's name at the airport and this was the exemplary reaction of this mother

This response has caused an outbreak in social networks that have begun to viralize publications and have taken advantage of humorous comments on this subject.

One user was encouraged to fill in the passenger's image by placing a photo of actress Ana María Orozco, playing her role as "Betty, the ugly."

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