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The raped child was treated for stomachache 3 months ago and did not check if she was pregnant – 01/17/2019


The situation that lives in these hours The 12-year-old girl raped by a 60-year-old man, and that this Friday will find relief in completing the pregnancy more than 24 weeks of transit, has in the Jujuy province where he gives another episode of the "pro-abortion" debate "For life", beyond the fact that the case is legally fraudulent in the unforeseen abortion figure.

The offer is such that "the two-life sectors presented a resource habeas corpus, which has already been rejected, and in the afternoon I have to appear before the judge for a second habeas corpushe said bugle Provincial Minister for Health, Gustavo Bouhid.

In addition, the official has given a detail so far unknown: the girl was checked in a room three months ago when she was 12 weeks pregnant due to stomach pain, but the doctors who treated her did not check whether she was pregnant.

"The family consulted in the room in San Pedro, their city, for stomach pains three months ago, so the option of a pregnancy was not taken into account, it is a topic we will investigate, but none tends to think, a case of a child with a bellyache, that there is a pregnancy, "he said.

"Then (continued Bouhid) there was a second consultation on Jan. 11, I think." As soon as she enters the hospital and the pregnancy is resolved, we proceed in accordance with the provincial protocol: the prosecutor receives the intervention and a written statement of the girl appears. , another from the mother and one from the prosecutor, where she requests interruption of the pregnancy. Studies are performed and check if the pregnancy is 23.5 weeks, when the protocol covers up to week 22. This is said to the prosecutor and he is asked for instructions, but so far he has not responded ".

According to the minister, "with the responsibility of the Ministry of Health, we go outside of the provincial protocol, because the chronological age of the girl is low, and the task is very advanced, even when she went to the Maternal and Child Hospital, which has the best neonatology service province, a difference was determined with the previous ultrasound and is in fact 24.5 weeks. "

Controversy over abortion

Could termination of pregnancy be canceled? Bouhid could not say, "The judges are like you and me, have their thoughts and can be different. There is a 12-year-old girl in jeopardy. Someone with common sense should contemplate this".

In the early hours of Thursday, Bouhid had also made headlines: after the provincial governor, Gerardo Morales, assured that the cessation of Caesarean pregnancy had been secured on a judicial basis and was held on Friday, the Minister of Health added another element that Morales did not mention: the possibility of saving the two lives.

In a local environment, Chain 3, Bouhid spoke about the benefits of performing a cesarean operation to stop the child's pregnancy: "Other forms (such as misoprostol) would involve undergoing work when they do not want to have contact with the baby it would be to victimize her again. This is how you try to keep the mother and, to the extent that God allows it, save the child".

The facade of the maternal hospital and child in San Salvador de Jujuy, where this Friday will interrupt the pregnancy of a 12-year-old girl raped by a 60-year-old man.

The facade of the maternal hospital and child in San Salvador de Jujuy, where this Friday will interrupt the pregnancy of a 12-year-old girl raped by a 60-year-old man.

Maybe Bouhid would have been in tension: "My position in Jujuy on abortion is public, but this decision was taken by the medical team, not mine, we guarantee that political rights and speculation do not make sense."

Does Morales and the Health Minister face? "It is not at all a matter of speaking from the purely political place and the role of doctor. We are sheltered in what Justice says," they said bugle provincial government sources

At the door of that jujeño hospital, where a girl is waiting for her right to interrupt a pregnancy because of sexual abuse, protesters with green and blue scarves are on guard. The government explained that "the state intercedes so that this is solved and there are no confrontations to protect the child, it's important. We are worried about her health, who is 12 years old and has a pregnancy for almost six months. The particular problems are specific. "

The Minister of Health criticized the political and judicial sphere and considers that there is a legal vacuum for such cases: "It is clear that this must be an important lesson for this country, the Supreme Court, the national authorities, the legislators. health teams are discovered. If anything happens, you will have legal problems, and if you do not continue, you will have legal issues. "

"The Court in this regard is imperative: it is said "continue", and you should proceed with week 2, up to 20 or 37 pregnancy. But it is not the same from a medical point of view every week, lawmakers should add details for each case in Article 86, "he added.

As to what will happen if the child survives, sources from the Jujuy government have clarified: "Justice will have to intervene, there is no other."

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