Thursday , June 1 2023

The secret shirt that Carlos Tevez is ready to use in the Monumental


Boca will play the second round of Copa Libertadores Superfinal this Saturday at the Monumental stadium. Because the game does not have a visitor audience, the Xeneize delegation will be composed only by players, coaching staff and a handful of leaders. But a fan came up with a ingenious so the team they feel accompanied.

The proposal has become viral on social networks under the slogan "People's shirt" which suggested a sympathizer Boca At least 50,000 fans wearing an official clothing item 12 (identifying club fans), representing everyone who would like to encourage the team in the rematch match but can not be present.

The action would be crowned if Juan D'Amilio, the fan who spread the idea twitter, brings him to Carlos Tevez. In the videos he produced and became viral on the networks, he clearly shows that the intention is that Apache use his jacket in Núñez under his official clothing so that he as a team leader and support fans in the skin.

This ingenious way of breathing is added to the other proposals of the last few days, of which Bombonerazo is remarked: open formation, which calculates that almost 90 thousand people They encouraged the players among all those who managed to enter the stadium and those who stayed outside.

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