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The sentence pronounced by Sol Pérez about the son of Lourdes Sánchez


Sol Pérez He has no problem telling everything he thinks without a filter. He has already played in several scandals and is now confronted with him Lourdes Sánchez, his companion Dancing 2018. The war started in the contest Marcelo Tinelli and continued on social networks.

When delivering Martín Fierro de Radio, the model explained how the fight began: "On Friday I posted on Twitter how (Lourdes) could do a program for kids with all the atrocities they say." Saturday says: Do not worry not to let the dogs die. "I did not say," Do not worry about letting your son die. "I find it disgusting.

The Climate Girl qualified as "Tragic" that his colleague mocked the death of his pet. "My dog ​​was not sick, had a crack in his lung. He died from day to day. It is a malformation "He explained in Los Angeles in the morning. "My dog ​​is like my daughter and I take care of her as if she were a person, if not, I'm sorry." With her son I did not get involved, that no mess with my dog ​​""He added.

"She is a mittanie, the things she invents are very serious: she invented that I maltreated the people of Laflia, now she invented this, saying that the tweet (about her dog) was deleted when she blocked me. Someone does not delete tweets he deleted it because he realized he was wrong (…) He also liked a comment that he should not work in the dance, but in a brothel, I started taking photos she was strong and did not like it ""said the specialists of the show.

In Angel De Brito's program, Lourdes was very moved to tears by this reprehensible phrase of his ShowMatch partner. "I take care of everything she said, and I never said anything about what this woman said, not about a dog or a brothel." In my house we love both animals and humans. "My baby is the same as my children my".

He then said that Perez sent a message to Chato Prada, his partner and father of his son Valentin, to explain "I did not want a child to die and his words were misunderstood". The BAR jury sent another message and asked him to speak without room. "My limit is my son", he finished, scary.

Following these statements, Marcelo Tinelli wrote a message on his Twitter account to put an end to this confrontation: "I call the reflection at @ lourdesanchezok and @ Solverde to put an end to this absurd debate they have entered into. It does not matter who started or whether there were misunderstandings … It is not good to continue with this subject. they love them ".


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