Thursday , April 15 2021

The sharp phrase of Holan's former physical coach about the departure of Independiente referents

Slowly, the squad of the team that walked around the Olympic stadium Maracana They passed through the exit door. Nery Domínguez, Walter Erviti, Torito Rodriguez, Nicolás Tagliafico, Lucas Albertengo, Emmanuel Gigliotti and Leandro Fernández could join Martín Campaña, a candidate to cover Brazil's Santos bow, led by Jorge Sampaoli.

Because of this situation, he was consulted Alejandro Kohan, one of Red's conquest architects in Red America in 2017 against Flamengo. The physical trainer, who left due to differences with Ariel Holan, left a sharp expression: "Nothing surprised me".

Call three words, prof sent an altitude hit to Holan, seeking reinforcements to restructure its crew in the face of the competitions they face in 2019 (the Super League, the Super League, the Argentine Cup and the South American Cup).

"The Independiente Group was very strong inside and outside the court, I do not want to give an opinion about the present because I'm not there, but I regret that a group so united and who has much to offer, disarmed, being disarmed"he condemned Radio Network.

On the other hand, Kohan celebrated his return to work after a year: he will contribute Hernán Crespo in Banfield. "He played football at the highest level and was led by great coaches, so he has a wealth of experience, he has a communication facility that reduces to practice will make boys grow bigger," the new Drill tactician .

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