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The strong punishment of Sol Pérez that made Lourdes Sánchez cry

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November 27, 2018

The struggle between the two members of the showmatch is at the highest point, and everything from a phrase of the former "Climate Girl". Watch the video

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The scandal between Sol Pérez and Lourdes Sánchez continues to grow and seems to have reached the strongest point in the last few hours.

According to reports, from Monday's edition Showmatch, Lourdes withdrew crying without making any statements. And the reason is but a strong statement Sol made on the red carpet of Martín Fierro.

In the dialogue with LAM, the former "Face of the Climate" and the current dancer, she showed her anger with the dancer and was forced.

"She was amazed at the death of a dog I find tragic. My dog ​​was not sick, had a crack in her lung, died from day to day, she was a mimeyan from here in the Chinese, she invented that we maltreated the people of La Flia, now she invented this thing she started saying.

Sin bomb: So Sol Pérez Pérez arrived at Martín Fierro de Radio

He then spoke about how the conflict started and launched the controversy: "I put Twitter on the night, how could she make a program for the kids with all the barbarians who were saying, I do not like it, I do not support it, and she answers me on Saturday 9 in the morning and tells me "worried not to die of dogs." I do not say "worry your son does not die"I find it disgusting, it's not funny, it's over. For me, a dog is like a son and I and his son did not get involved, so he did not go with my dog.

Perez continued with anger and assured that Sanchez "exceeded all the limits. I started to make all the busy strong and I do not like to like it, because I'm the first to say that everyone has to show what she wants.

"It's a shame, I'm embarrassed. For me, with my dog ​​that does not fuck, looking at her dog like a small mascot in duty, I do not do it." My dog ​​for me is my son, I do not think he's the hell, "he shot.

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