Monday , September 26 2022

The two sensitive victims suffered by the river before the Copa Argentina match against Gymnastics


Waiting the judgment of the Conmebol Disciplinary Court about the future superfine from Libertadores Cup. bad try to focus on the match tomorrow against gymnastics for the semifinal of the contest Argentina Cup. Mar del Plata is the meeting place. And in the previous, Marcelo Gallardo received bad news: suffered two sensitive victims on the offensive face.

The medical side emphasizes this Rodrigo Mora suffers from synovitis in his right hip, the same for which he suffered necrosis. and Juan Fernando Quintero was also left out of pay because of the overload of the left calf. Although none of the two was from José María Minella's game, they represent hard alternatives to Muñeco.

Thinking of the Superfinal, if it is really challenged on Dec. 8 or 9, Gallardo may continue to have no attacks. With Borré's suspension and the novelty of implicit damage, we must see the evolution of Ignacio Scocco, who missed the first leg because of the discomfort in the right calf.

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