Wednesday , September 28 2022

There are 255 cases of AIDS in Nariño


According to the Nariño Departmental Health Institute, Idsn, up to now this year, there have been 255 cases of HIV AIDS at a rate of 14.1. In Pasto, the figure reaches 95.

Carmen Eugenia Quiñones, a professional specialist in Idsn's sexual, sexual and reproductive dimension, explained that both in Nariño and across the country, the emphasis is on intensifying identification and case identification.

"The goal is called" 90, 90, 90 "which means that 90% of people with HIV are identified, the second 90% means that these people are in treatment, and the third 90% means that all those who are identified and have treatment, they are not detectable, that is, their viral loads are so low that they are not detected, "he said.

That's why every year the number of people infected with HIV increases. For 2016, there was a consolidation of 233 cases, at a rate of 13.2; in 2017, the figure was 277 for a rate of 15.5, and finally to this year (until week 45) there are preliminary data of 255 cases, with a rate of 14 ,1.

Although the current figure does not yet exceed 277, it is expected to increase, given that on 1 December, when World AIDS Day is commemorated, new cases will be identified as it is the date when most are examined. all municipalities of Nariño.

Our quest is to offer the screening test, which is voluntary for all people, taking into account certain questions about risk factors, including: Have you had sex under the influence of alcohol or any other psychoactive substance? Do you know your partner's past sex? Do you use condoms in all your sexual relationships? Have you suffered sexual violence? and have you had a sexually transmitted infection?

They launch the campaign

On the morning of yesterday, the Pasto Health Ministry launched the Cuida campaign at VIHda as a strategy to reduce the mortality rate due to AIDS among the population.

"It aims to promote access to health services and health promotion to provide coverage beyond the backgrounds, housing, the education sector, the workforce and everyone else so as to promote sexual and reproductive rights, reduce stigma and discrimination against disease, among others, "he explained.

He noted that by the week of 44 in 2018, 95 HIV-positive cases were reported. At the same time of the previous year, there were 85 cases.

"Because of HIV / AIDS mortality this year we have 6 cases, and in the previous we had 4," he concluded.

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