Friday , September 30 2022

They confirm a meningitis case in a 10 year old girl from San Juan – Diario to SJ Province


A clinically confirmed clinical meningitis case was announced on Tuesday by the provincial public health epidemiology sector. This is a 10-year-old girl who was admitted Thursday after a visit to the Children's Hospital. According to Mnica Jofr specialist, the germ could not be isolated, but the special tests were negative for bacteria transmitted from one person to another. This means that it is not contagious.

For this, antibiotic treatment has been initiated, which has so far evolved clinically and without fever, but its prognosis remains reserved. The child was initially treated in a common room and then admitted to Intensive Care at Children's Hospital.

The head of the guard confirms that the girl with an antibiotic scheme for respiratory symptoms was two different antibiotic schemes, which clinically and laboratory confirmed meningitis, but could not isolate the bacteria, he explained. AM1020 radio specialist.

The official explained that Saturday was the latex test to know if any of these bacteria are contagious to humans and that was negative. "We know that he has a clinical and laboratory image of meningitis, but he is not one of those who are infected from one person to another, which means that there are no measures to take," he said on Friday that he communicated with the Minister of Health, Venerando, who spoke with his partner in the educational portfolio, De los Ros, who spoke about the disinfection of the school, but "is not a specific indication for this case."

"There is no point in disinfection, but the popes are frightened and afraid, it is not a bacterium that is in the environment or in school, a percentage of the population we carry, one makes the disease, some does not, and others send it" , he concluded.

The features of the disease are intense headaches, disturbing artificial and natural light that evolves vmito in the jet and fever. Those who suffer from this are advised to consult their doctor and not to self-medicate.

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