Tuesday , June 28 2022

They denounce the lack of vaccines at the Nios Hospital | Local News


"On October 10 this year, in our block, we presented a draft resolution (832/18), in which the Executive Department was asked to arbitrate the means to guarantee the meningococcal vaccine dose to children aged 11 years and over the years. "

This project has arisen because "the communiqué that arrived at all vaccinators and health centers in the 8th Health Region (signed by the Regional Immunization Coordinator, Gastón Rolando, dentist) indicated the setting of vaccine priorities for 3, 5 and 15 months and posting the 11-year dose to make it available. "

The mayor said that "as far as the file is concerned, it is from the 29th of October in the administrative office of the municipal hospital Ramón Santamarina, still unanswered."

Last Friday, Nose went to Children's Hospital to vaccinate his nephew against measles, "and on the back of one of the monitors at the vaccination table was a sheet explaining why the meningococcal vaccine is not given."

This note, which Nosei says is visible to the public, details the lack of meningococcal and pentavalent vaccines.

"Meningococcal vaccine that is programmed per month: 712 from January to July should have been delivered to Tandil 4984. He received 2564. He does not owe another 2420 meningococcal vaccines."

The pentavalent vaccine programmed in 755. From January to July, 5285 doses should have been delivered to Tandil, 2650 received. They owe us to date 2635 pentavalent vaccines. "

This detail, according to the poster, explains that "these are the reasons why we do not have these vaccines for children and adolescents.

And the note is signed by the Community Health System Coordinator of the Tandil municipality's integrated public health system, Osvaldo Lindon.

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