Tuesday , February 7 2023

They detected rabies infected with rabies near San Nicolás


Professionals at the Pasteur Institute conducted an operation near San Nicolás after they were found cases of bats infected with rabies. According to the newspaper bugle, the activity was a door-to-door discussion and had two objectives: to determine if there were other cases in the area and to warn about the importance of dog and cat vaccination.

Last year, Pasteur counted 18 positive cases out of a total of 317 samples. The Institute looks only at bats coming to the Institute or being reported by the city's neighbors: go back, retire, and then study. In 2017, six were infected from a total of 260.

When a bat with anger collides with pillars, trees and balconies, it flies daily and falls to the ground. Jyou have to touch it. As for dogs and cats, the institution ensures that in contact, the bat can bite and transmit it to the virus through saliva. Therefore, pets need to be vaccinated.

Pasteur director Oscar Lencinas assures: "City fury is controlled but not eradicated," and "the bird is not a plague, but a native animal. It was just before Buenos Aires was founded."

According to the morning paper, the detected cases are worrying, but they should not be alarmed. The Pasteur Institute is a reference and control through animal diagnostic methods, with an analysis that, in three hours, can determine whether or not there is a virus.

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